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September 23, 2016

Dental Treatment in India

Should I Opt for Dental Treatment in India?

India has approximately 289 dental colleges with around 25,000 graduates each year.

Government Statistics

India's medical tourism industry is booming and there is nothing new about it. The Government is taking strong steps to enhance the country’s infrastructure even further and working towards creating more awareness of this market on the global stage. Coming from abroad to India for treatment has worked for many foreigners because of lower costs and better facilities. Even the doctors here are more trained at times and more educated.

The Indian Dental System is divided along the following organizations and institutions.

Government organizations
  • Government Dental Colleges
  • Government Medical Colleges and Dental Wing
  • District Hospitals with Dental Unit
  • Community Health Centers
  • Primary Health Centers
Non-governmental organizations
  • Private Dental Colleges
  • Corporate Hospitals with Dental Units.
  • Corporate Hospitals with Dental Units.
  • Private Medical Colleges with Dental Wing
  • Corporate Hospitals with Dental Units.
Private practitioners
  • Private dental practitioners
  • Private dental hospitals
  • Private medical hospitals with dental units
Indigenous systems
  • Ayurveda
  • Sidda
  • Unani
  • Homeopathy

There is a huge need for awareness to be created about all these methods on the global stage. The prices in India are competitive, the facilities are huge, and so is the number of doctors

Why Choose

Unlike many leading hospitals or doctors, we aren’t associated with a single entity. Thus, we are not even limited by a geographic location. The charges for dental treatment in India are anyway very less. However, many entities would also resort to sometimes use cheaper materials and not everyone might have great facilities. Coming to India for dental treatment with us would ensure not only competitive fees, but also the best of medical facilities and materials. The advancements in dental tourism are no longer a secret. India is home to the latest of facilities and procedure. All the dentists associated with us our highly skilled and have an experience that spans many years. For more information, you could also talk to our IPD by mailing them your queries at

Cost of Dental Procedures in India

The cost of dental procedures would range differently over a lot of options and it all depends on which city you choose to get operated in, from which doctor, and in which facility. Roughly, you would save around half or more of your cost by choosing India over a western, developed country. For example, a metal-free crown (Procera, 3M, or Lava) would cost anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

If you happen to come to India for your dental procedures, you could also combine the same with an alternative therapy trip to another part of the country, something India is famous for all over the world. Sometimes, treatment along with the cost of travel would cost you less in India than a western developed country. If you happen to come to India from a country that doesn’t have relevant infrastructure, you will find no need to worry. We take care of everything from your hotel accommodation to visa assistance and transport in competitive costs. To get a clear picture of our experts work, you could give us a call or send in your queries.

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