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·  Who can avail of the services of this website?
Any person, irrespective of the nationality, can avail of the services of

·  Why choose India as a place for getting oneself treated?
India has a large number of well-equipped, multispecialty, Government and private hospitals with well-trained, dedicated personnel who render world-class health services at affordable costs as compared to other developed countries. The exchange rate of the Indian Rupee to the US Dollar, British Pound, or Euro is favorable for most overseas residents. Indian doctors have a warm, friendly, and positive attitude towards their patients; one feels comfortable immediately. India enjoys nearly ten months of very pleasant weather in a year and is well-connected to all major destinations in the world by several airlines. You don’t only save money, but also visit a very culturally rich and diverse country!
Many Indians, settled or working overseas, visit India regularly as they can combine their visit with medical treatment of some non-emergency conditions like cataract, joint replacement, dental treatment, etc., or can get a complete preventive health check up done.

·  Who will answer my queries and advise me?
We have an expert panel comprising senior doctors of all disciplines who will guide you. A brief introduction is put up on the website. To ensure thorough guidance to all our patients, we assign Personal Medical Assistants for all inquiries raised.

·  How will I choose the medical center suitable for me?
Along with quotes for treatments from various hospitals, we also provide our patients the background of requested hospitals and doctors who will be leading the treatment. You can choose to undergo the treatment only if you are confident about the doctor and the hospital.

·  Can I visit the centers prior to my undergoing the treatment?
Yes, we can arrange for a visit to the hospital and an interview with the doctor.

·  How can I know about the doctors who are going to treat me and the medical centers?
We can provide credentials of the doctors; you can communicate with them by telephone, Skype or by email.

·   Can I ask for details of the hospital and the facilities?
Yes. We will furnish all details of the hospitals where you intend to be treated. We have put details of our select centers on this website.

·  What additional facilities can I get apart from Medical treatment?
We also take care of all ancillary services like airport pick up and drop, hospital appointments and admission formalities, stay, food, transport arrangements of accompanying persons, pre- and post-treatment accommodation, travel arrangements, vehicle and bilingual personal assistant, and other travel needs. We can offer excellent tour packages to all destinations in India and abroad.

·   Where do I do the payment for the treatment?
The cost of treatment is to be paid directly to hospitals. We will charge a service charge, which is mandatory in India as per RBI regulations.

·  What will be the charges for the services of
The service charges will depend upon type of services requested.

·   What will be the liability of the website?
We at PlanMyMedicalTrip try to guide our patients with latest, updated information and we do it with utmost care and a high level of sincerity. We DO NOT own these institutions, nor do we have any control over its policies and the treating doctors. The final decision will be of the patient; from our side there is no compulsion. At any given point of time a person is at complete freedom to withdraw or take a second opinion.

·  How can you offer such low and convenient prices?
The charges in most hospitals in India are very less compared to those overseas because the medical profession in India is looked upon as a noble, pious, and dedicated service and not as a commercial business. There are large number of philanthropic donors and corporate hospitals with excellent ideology; committed to provide medical services at affordable prices.
The exchange rate of the Indian Rupee against any major currency is also a contributing factor.

·  Is India a safe country? Is it dangerous to travel there?
India is one of the largest democracies and has a very low crime rate. The people are very friendly and cordial. The infrastructure is improving and there is no law and order problem. Most regions are very safe for travel. Our personal assistant will guide you along your entire visit.

·  How can I know before traveling if I will be able to have the treatment/surgery done? recommends you to contact your doctor before requesting the treatment, so that he can advise you regarding the possibilities of having the treatment/surgery done. He will also ask you for all the necessary examinations and photos, which you will need to send to the doctor in order to analyze the treatment’s feasibility before traveling.

·  How can I know that the doctors who will treat me are reliable and professional? only works with doctors who have been carefully selected according to their education, training, and years of experience. You will also be able to review your doctor’s resume and CV and to make as many pre-treatment and pre-surgery inquiries that you feel are necessary.

·  Will I be able to meet the medical professional who is going to treat me before making the trip?
We want you to be confident of your trip and medical procedures. Therefore, offers you the possibility of contacting the doctor and to ask him all the questions needed before your trip. This way you will be able to decide if the treatment and the doctor are appropriate for you. You will always have the right of asking for second opinions or another doctor.

·   If I do not like the doctor I have been assigned, will I be able to ask for another one?
We have a wide range of centers and doctors; we recommend each patient according to his necessities. If you are not happy with the doctor you have been assigned, will recommend you another one until you find the one you trust the most.

·  What happens in high risk cases or complicated cases?
As every medical treatment or surgery has its inherent risks, it is essential to know them before taking any decision. With this purpose, you will be able to get in contact with the doctor before planning/undergoing the treatment. If your treatment/surgery has any complications and should need treatment or correction, the doctor will ask you (if possible) or the person you had pre-defined as responsible, regarding which course he should follow.
At every step, you will be in complete control of the situation; in case you desire, will offer you the alternative of asking for a second professional’s opinion.

·  What happens if something in the pre-surgical appointment goes wrong and I cannot have the surgery done?
We recommend you to make all necessary questions and appointments before the trip, so as to minimize the possibilities of last moment “surprises”. But if you have to cancel your treatment once in India (taking into account that already had to hire most part of the services), the Cancellation Policy will apply.

·  What happens if I change my mind at the last moment? has to hire and pay in advance several services offered (from the medical treatment to the hotel or other tourist services). In case you decide to cancel your trip at the last moment, the Cancellation Policy will apply.

·  What happens if I decide to shorten or extend my stay once in India?
If you decide to extend your stay, you will be able to contact in order to readapt your trip according to your interests. In case you have to shorten your stay at the last moment, the Cancellation Policy will apply.

·  What happens if I am not happy with the personal assistant I have been assigned?
You will be able to contact to explain the reasons and ask for an exchange.

·  I have health insurance with refund. Will I obtain the refund for the services taken? gives you a legally binding invoice for the services offered. The hospital gives you a bill for the treatment charges. We suggest you verify the requirements of your health insurance so as to be sure of getting the refund. You need to clarify this with your insurance company.