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October 17, 2016

6 Ways to Avoid Knee Pain

Knee and hip replacement surgeries are two of the most common orthopedic surgeries the world over. The early signs of joint trouble become evident much before one is forced to undergo a surgery. These signs are an indication of underlying health issues, which, if detected early enough, can be taken care of well in advance. Irrespective of whether you're experiencing knee pain or not here are 6 ways to take care of your knees and avoid knee pain as well as replacement surgery in the future.

1). Good support

From simple brisk walking to playing physically strenuous sports, wearing good-quality shoes is extremely important. In fact, one should always ensure to wear the right kind of footwear that is well-fitted. Furthermore, knee braces and knee caps too are available in the market that provide support in the right places. This is a great way to start taking care early on in life and ensuring you have healthy knees.

2). Keep Weight in Check

Going by simple logic, extra weight means increased stress and pressure on the knees. It is estimated that mere one pound body weight exerts approximately three to seven pounds worth of extra pressure on the knees. Opting for a balanced diet in addition to gentle exercises like swimming if you would like to avoid knee pain with age.

3). Eat right

The adequate and right intake of vitamins and nutrients is extremely important to maintain healthy knees. Vitamin C and Vitamin D in addition to vitamin K are good for the knees. Ensure a daily intake of milk and other dairy products along with greens including kale, spinach and cabbage. Another important tip is to quit smoking if you are somebody who smokes regularly. This is because smoking displaces 20% percent oxygen from the hemoglobin; this displaced oxygen is what tissues require when an injury is healing.

4). Remain active

It is essential to take up recreational activities that make your leg muscles and knees stronger.Simple lifestyle changes like cycling to work and taking the staircase are great ways to incorporate gentle activity in daily-life. Swimming is another excellent way to build knee flexibility and strength. Yoga can also be practiced for toning the leg muscles and preventing knee pain with age.

5). Don't skip stretches and warm-up

Exercising sensibly is vital in keeping the knees healthy. Warm-up before exercising helps increase blood flow to the muscles and joints. The risk of injury is greatly reduced when the joints move freely and muscles are stretched. Whether exercising or not, stretching the body regularly is vital in ensuring that the knees are in good condition. Stretching helps to balance the tension in the body.

6). Do not ignore the symptoms

Whether it's recurring pain or the inability to move the knee, early diagnosis is a key step in preventing severe damage to the knee joint in the long-term. It is vital to seek help right away when experiencing knee pain. However, if your only option is to opt for a knee replacement surgery, you can look up this article for more details,

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