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Internet Redefines Traditional Doctor-Patient Relationship

23 Sep, 2016


There was a time when the internet was a mysterious place only meant for youngsters and the tech-savvy. The last decade or so, however, has been the game-changer. India’s love for the smartphone, armed with 24*7 internet connectivity, is clear as it races ahead to become the second largest market for smartphone users globally. This is not all. The industry is expected to witness exponential growth with a projected 650 million smartphone owners over the next four years, said an early 2015 study conducted by Cisco. If one were to look around, the intensity of this change would undoubtedly ring true – we order food, cabs, gifts, medical reports, movie tickets and everything fathomable – online. We are consulting search engines at the drop of a hat, getting information gleaned from the best sources and choosing to get products and services at our doorstep. The convenience of the worldwide web coupled with its ability to connect people across continents has redefined conventional relationships and the ease of discovery. This widespread adoption